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After posting Storyline Creator on Reddit (and on the internet for that matter) for the first time, the resulting feedback was overwhelming! People were quick to give me some great new ideas and a huge motivation boost. I want to thank you guys for the kind words and the great ideas! Stay awesome!

Here’s what people said about Storyline Creator:

“Really excellent and useful. It’s a big improvement on how I usually outline stories!”
- Billyshambles

“Thanks for that. Really. I used different pieces of software, but this one looks really good!”
- weissblut

“I really like this! I’m in the middle of some serious plotting, and this is really helping me to visualise each character’s journey.”
- Kaleidoshop

“This software is brilliant. You’re doing god’s work OP.”
- Fascist_Pink

“Very useful and fun when putting together a story!”
- Vegglimer

“Very interesting. I could actually see this being helpful…”
- Shauniedarko

“That thing’s awesome. ”
- twcsata

“Great idea, great app”
- LifeIsARoofieCircle


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