What is this?

Storyline Creator is an elegant tool to draft ideas, organize scenes and events, and to write and visualize your stories.
For Me?

You may be a writer or a storyteller, you may be a visionary or simply someone who appreciates creativity. If that is true, then yes, I made this for you.


Storyline Creator is a tool that helps you create stories. It gives you a simple and complete overview of your plot, allowing you to split it in personal arcs.


You can add Characters and Events, selecting their colors and descriptions, and Storyline Creator will automagically create a Novac Diagram, which follows your characters through the thick of the story.


After weeks of searching for tools to support the creative process of writing and a great pile of nothing as result, I began visualizing my stories by hand, drawing simple charts and diagrams – as you might have at some point. Then, one day, one of the visualizations just stuck. It enabled me to do exactly what I wanted, so I decided to share it with you.

About me

My name is Cos
I love reading and writing

While writing twisty stories, I found myself looking for ways to visualize the plot and to follow the paths of my characters - I needed to grasp their individual situations and emotions, and most of all to bring more structure in my writing process.

Since it's helped me out greatly, I decided to bundle together the results of my search by building Storyline Creator, a tool that will help you visualize your story in the most simple and useful way possible.


  • Visualize
  • Structure
  • Imagine
  • Write More

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